Join us on a life changing trip to Colombia! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to meet children in need of families and become their advocate or forever family. You’ll spend 8 days (December 3 – 10) alongside other advocates in a fun, camp-like setting getting to know children waiting for families while learning more about the beautiful culture of Colombia. This is an incredible opportunity for those who are passionate about finding families for children!

To learn more about this once in a lifetime trip, please reach out to Soojin at or 971-244-1453.

On this one-week trip to Colombia, you will truly get to know a child waiting for their forever family. During your week you will spend time bonding with that child through games, activities and short excursions, and most of all through play!

On this one-week trip to Colombia, you will truly get to know a child waiting for their forever family. During your week you will spend time bonding with that child through games, activities and short excursions, and most of all through play!

Meet These Amazing Kids!

Dylan and Jonas

These boys are special. It is clear that family is the most important thing to them. Dylan and Jonas are very close in age (Dylan is 13 and Jonas is 14) which allows them to be both brothers and best friends. They have a natural rhythm to their relationship that is nothing short of lovely—from the way they celebrate each other’s soccer victories to the way they describe each other. All they have is each other and they treasure their relationship above everything else. Unless a family steps forward soon, these amazing brothers will age out of the adoption system.   READ MORE

Laura, Mari & Lily

Laura, Mari, and Lily and have been through so much—their dream is to stay together and spend the rest of their childhood with a forever family! Oldest sister Laura is a calm, shy girl who enjoys studying. Mari is very social and enjoys activities at home and school. Lily is a tranquil, happy girl—especially when she’s with her sisters! These sweet, caring girls need the love of a family! READ MORE



Katie is a sweet, cheerful girl! While she initially struggled to adapt to life in an institution, Katie has shown positive changes and has accepted and adapted to her new environment. Katie loves to sing and dance, do crafts, go to the park, and play with toys! She has a warm, open personality and loves to laugh at jokes! She has bonded well to adults and friends, which has been wonderful for her self-confidence. Katie shared that she wants to have a family with a mom and dad! READ MORE



Steven has such a distinct style! He cares about looking his best and puts effort into his appearance. While Steven has an amazing sense of calm, he is also a fierce competitor! We loved playing soccer and basketball with Steven; he clearly loves the thrill of athletics and thrives being outdoors. He is the 4th grade and excels in school! He loves art and drawing and his favorite subject is English. Steven currently lives with a foster family and has developed a wonderful bond with his foster siblings and parents.  READ MORE 



Sweet Luke is a happy, loving child! Our team met Luke just last month and were so impressed by his willingness to interact with new people and his desire for connection. Luke made us origami airplanes, boats and a wolf! In addition to his artistic side, Luke loves soccer! He plays on a soccer team 4 days a week and would love to one day become a professional goalie! He is an all-around pleasant, friendly, and cooperative kid. Luke shared with us again and again how much he wants to have a family’s unconditional love!  READ MORE



Tina is definitely an artist! She has amazing drawing skills and even made a member of our team a special friendship bracelet! Tina is also a talented singer and songwriter! She shared with us that she likes to write songs to cheer herself up when she’s feeling sad. She sang a beautiful and heartbreaking song to us that she had written about her mother leaving her and her sister. She is an affectionate, loving girl who craves connection. Tina shared with us several times how much she wants to have parents and the love of a family!  READ MORE



Joel is an amazing artist! He loves drawing monsters, sci-fi characters, and historical figures. His favorites to depict are the people who helped liberate Colombia—especially Simón Bolívar! He is also a great student! He enjoys school and especially likes chemistry and social studies—particularly when he gets to create experiments! Joel also loves animals and it’s his goal to attend university and become a veterinarian one day. He is a caring, calm kid who desires a loving, sweet family who will accept him no matter what!  READ MORE


Randy, Charlene & Jake

These sweet, loving siblings are incredibly bonded and want nothing more than the love of a family! When our team met these amazing kids in Colombia last month, it was instantly clear how much they loved one another! Oldest brother Jake quickly opened up and it was easy to see his cooperative, easy going nature.  He loves soccer, drawing and taking photos. Brother Randy does well in school and enjoys problem-solving—he especially loves building robots from Legos. Charlene is the youngest and also the funniest according to her older brothers! We were so impressed by her beautiful handwriting! READ MORE



Carmen is a sweet and loving 14-year-old girl! She loves to dance, draw, and create crafts. She lives with a foster family in Colombia and while she is sometimes shy, she is coming out of her shell more and more with her foster family and close friends. We know amazing things are possible for Carmen with a family’s love! READ MORE

Kim, Anderson, Noland, Hank, & Cory

Siblings Kim (12), Anderson (11), Noland (9), Hank (6), and Cory (4) are sweet, bright kids! We met these affectionate, well-bonded siblings last month in Colombia and had an absolute blast playing soccer and getting to know these friendly, cooperative kids! These amazing kids are so close and want nothing more than the love of a forever family. READ MORE


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11-year-old Andrew is an extroverted, fun, and outgoing 11-year-old! He loves playing soccer and dancing and does great with other kids. His social workers describe him as calm, friendly, and happy! He would love to be adopted and have a family that will provide him with the stability, love, protection, and affection he craves! READ MORE

“Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me,” —Galatians 4:5-7


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