Adopt Collin & Caleb

These bright and smiley twins, Collin and Caleb, absolutely spread joy wherever they go! They are growing fast and have made incredible progress with their current caregivers. While they are both coping with some speech delays, they love to talk and learn new words!

Recently, the twins visited the zoo for the first time! Collin was amazed at all of the animals he saw! His caregiver recalls how big he smiled when he first saw the zebras. Collin is a sensitive child and is learning to express his emotions. He enjoys playing with his brother and can’t wait to visit the zoo again.

Sweet Caleb also loved his visit to the zoo! He is an adventurous child and wanted to touch each animal he saw. He especially liked the colorful birds! Caleb gets along well with others and enjoys spending time with his brother. He is also learning to express how he feels and respond to directions from his caregivers!

These adorable twins will continue to grow and thrive with the kindness of a forever family. To learn more about Collin and Caleb, please contact Soojin Manzano at