How To Become a Cycle Breaker

Partner with AGCI and help break the cycle that keeps children in institutions, and families in systemic poverty.

Through a monthly gift of just $24, you can break this devastating cycle and help vulnerable children and families thrive. Your gift each month will lift up children and families in most desperate need.

When you partner with AGCI, you’re breaking the cycle of trauma that keeps children in institutions and out of loving families. Join us in support of vulnerable children and families and discover how you can change lives!

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Over the course of a year, your monthly support will help us accomplish things like:

  • Reunite a child on the streets with their family of origin.
  • Deliver emergency food and medical care for a family on the brink of dissolution.
  • Work with administrative teams so that something as simple as paperwork doesn’t prevent a child from being eligible for adoption.
  • Provide tutoring to help a young woman in the child welfare system get her degree and change her future.
  • Partner with a child welfare agency to create policies that empower local caregivers in providing trauma-informed care.
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  • A Cycle Breakers welcome package
  • Quarterly updates on how your generosity is at work
  • A community of like-minded advocates from around the country
  • Congrats—You’re now a part of breaking the cycle