How We Work

Our initiatives work together to create lasting change for the millions of children living in institutions, and open up more paths to family and independence.

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How We're Intervening

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Keeping Families Together

Education Sponsorship

Sponsorship provides much needed support for vulnerable children and families. When you sponsor a child’s education, you aren’t just enabling them to attend school—you’re also providing essential support so they can remain within their family! Education Sponsorship ensures that your sponsored child is able to attend school, remain within their family’s care, receive healthy meals to fuel their studies, and save for their future education! This program lifts up entire communities by helping children break the cycle of poverty and follow their dreams!

Prevention in action

Hirit has been in AGCI’s Education Sponsorship Program since 2014! Hirit is from a very rural region of Samre where access to education is very limited, particularly for girls. Upon entering AGCI’s program, her family was living below the poverty line. Sadly, Hirit’s father passed away when she was young and her family’s options were limited. Sponsorship has allowed Hirit to continue her education and attend university. We are so proud to share that at the end of the year, Hirit graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting! She has secured a job working as an accountant for the local government and will be able to support not only herself but also her entire family! Education Sponsorship made Hirit’s story possible!
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Creating Family-Like Care

Trauma-Informed Care

By collaborating with institutions and training caregivers in a trust-based intervention model, we’re helping children living in institutions find true healing. This model of care is truly life-changing, and sadly, is not the norm in many countries throughout the world. AGCI is seeking to change the level of care that children receive in institutions worldwide so every orphan knows just how loved they are!

Providing in action

Earlier this year, AGCI participated in a significant training opportunity for 150 key stakeholders working to bring trauma-informed care and healing to children from hard places in Colombia. The two day hands-on TBRI® training brought together caregivers, teachers, and social workers to practice trauma-informed caregiving skills through role-play and practical workshops. Together, they were able to collaborate on how to transform the child-welfare structure in Colombia in order to truly meet the complex needs of hurting children and families in the system. This incredible training was led by a team at the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development at Texas Christian University and hands-on training was provided by AGCI’s in-country team in Colombia. It was so powerful to hear personal testimony from our partners about how staff members and children have been transformed through the principles of TBRI®!
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Building Families with Adoption

International Adoption Programs

We believe that every child deserves the love of a family. Through our adoption programs around the world, we’re helping more children unite with their loving forever families. AGCI is committed to finding families for children, not children for families, and our team of experienced, passionate adoption advisers is here to walk every step of this journey with you. AGCI currently has international adoption programs in Bulgaria, Burundi, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Haiti, the Philippines, and South Africa.

Placing in action

While the McAndrews had always planned on growing their family through adoption, they thought they would adopt one child—not three siblings! READ MORE

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Supporting Orphans Aging Out

A Path and a Plan

Through education and vocational training, we’re working to help older orphans transition to independence, break the cycle of poverty, and create successful futures. These programs give hope to a group of children that’s often forgotten. You can impact older orphans by providing them with the sponsorship and encouragement they need to follow their dreams, earn their degrees, and become independent adults.

Preparing in action

Angela is one of the first young women in our Dream Home to graduate! Angela recently earned her degree in accounting and is now working full-time. We are so proud of her and all that she has accomplished.

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Changing the System

Empowering Leaders

Through Child Advocacy Centers that act as a regional hub, we can partner with and empower local leaders to serve as advocates and change the system. By recruiting, training, and lifting up leaders, together, we can influence governmental policy, implement nationwide social service programs and trainings, lead sponsorship programs, and coordinate advocacy teams in country.

Policy in action

“We had an opportunity in February to learn about TBRI®. It’s something that just lit up our minds and hearts. Comparing TBRI® to our Child Welfare system in Colombia makes us realize that we need to do more. The way that we have been attending to kids wasn’t actually what the children needed. From there, a seed was planted. We have received so much support from All God’s Children International and we have started to grow a movement around TBRI®.”

–Andrea Leon, Director of Adoption, Colombia