For AGCI, the current state of the orphan crisis is alarming and unacceptable. Our initiatives work together to create lasting change for the 8 million orphans living in institutions, and open up more paths to family and independence.



Keeping Families Together

Stabilizing families so that children never enter institutional care.



Family-Like Care

Elevating Orphan Care by collaborating with institutions and training caregivers in our holistic model.




Uniting children with their forever families through international and domestic adoption programs.



Supporting Orphans Aging Out

Transforming lives through Independence programs that give older orphans the tools they need to thrive.



Changing the System

Influencing child welfare policy at the highest levels of government to clear paths to family and independence.



Keeping Families Together
Education Sponsorship

Sponsorship provides much needed support for children and families in crisis. When you sponsor a child’s education, you aren’t just enabling them to attend school—you’re also providing essential support so they can remain within a family! All of the children in our Education Sponsorship Program live within a vulnerable family. Often, Education Sponsorship means the difference between remaining within their family or entering into an institution. Education Sponsorship ensures that your sponsored child is able to attend school, remain within their family’s care, receive healthy meals to fuel their studies, and save for their future education! This program lifts up entire communities by helping children break the cycle of poverty and follow their dreams!


At 30 years old, Sayra has 2 boys and a girl. She lives alone with her three children, after leaving an abusive marriage 5 years ago. Since receiving her AGCI Micro-Grant a year ago, Sayra has been making bags and purses from recycled materials. Before, she sold clothes, but the competition was so extreme that it was difficult to earn enough to support her children.

“My new job has given me more time to spend with my children. I used to work from 8 am to 6:30 pm seven days a week. Now I can take my children to school, eat with them, and help them with their homework. I’m not even sure if I would still be with my children if I had to continue in my old job. I might not have been able to continue paying for us all,” said Sayra.


Creating Family-Like Care
Elevated Care

By collaborating with institutions and training caregivers, we’re providing family-like, elevated care for orphans and ensuring they receive the healthy food, medical care, education, hope, and love they need to thrive.

Sponsorship keeps this level of care sustainable. By sponsoring an orphan’s care, you’re helping to ensure they receive the elevated, loving care they need to thrive. This means that your sponsored child has access to the healthy food, medical care, education, and 24/7 loving care they need to grow up happy and healthy. This care is truly life changing, and sadly, is not the norm in many countries throughout the world. AGCI is seeking to change the level of care that children receive in institutions worldwide so every orphan knows just how loved they are!

A Plan for Family

Through a long-term advocacy plan, we’re able to provide a path to the best possible family environment for every child. AGCI is committed to what’s best for each individual child. We work diligently to ensure a plan for family is in place–whether that’s placing a child within a foster or forever family, reuniting a child with their birth family as circumstances change, or supporting an older orphan as they age out of care and transition into independent adulthood.


After she was relinquished by her birth mother, Zeritu was brought to the home we are working with in Ethiopia in March of 2014. Sadly, Zeritu was born without sight. While shy and disoriented upon arrival, over the next year, Zeritu began to blossom thanks to the round-the-clock love and care from her special mothers. Zeritu began to laugh and smile again; quickly becoming the happy, carefree little girl she is today. Thanks to the creation a long-term individualized family care plan, Zeritu now lives, and is loved, in the arms of her own forever family.


Building Families with Adoption
International Adoption Programs

We believe that every child deserves the love of a family. Through our adoption programs around the world, we’re helping more children unite with their loving forever families. AGCI is committed to finding families for children, not children for families and our team of experienced, passionate adoption advisers is here to walk every step of this journey with you. AGCI currently has international adoption programs in Bulgaria, Burundi, China, Colombia, Haiti, the Philippines, and the United States.


The Lekic family’s adoption story began as many do—they wanted to have children and were struggling with infertility. Fast forward to today—they are now a family of five with children adopted through three different AGCI country programs!


Supporting Orphans Aging Out
A Path and a Plan

Through education and vocational training, we’re working to help orphans transition to independence, break the cycle of poverty, and create successful futures. These programs give hope to a group of children that’s often forgotten. You can impact older orphans by providing them with the sponsorship and encouragement they need to follow their dreams, earn their degrees, and become independent adults.


Without the support of sponsorship and guidance from mentors, 19-year-old Husuna’s future would likely be that of so many other uneducated, orphaned girls in Ethiopia: Filled with struggle and exploitation. Happily, that is not Husuna’s story; an AGCI family has sponsored Husuna’s education since she was 12 years old and she’s now entering her 3rd year of college as a nursing student!


Changing the System
Empowering Leaders

Through Child Advocacy Centers that act as a regional hub, we can partner with and empower local leaders to serve as advocates and create more pathways to family. By recruiting, training, and lifting up leaders, together, we can influence governmental policy, implement nationwide social service programs and trainings, lead sponsorship programs, and coordinate advocacy teams in country.

Changing Care

Through sponsorship programs and partnerships with churches and local advocates, we can elevate the level of care while also finding solutions for the unique structural, cultural and economic challenges that need to be overcome in order to establish permanency for orphans and families in crisis.

In 2013, of the 57 orphanages in the Fujian Province, only 9 were preparing adoption paperwork for the orphans in their care. Without this paperwork, children are ineligible to be adopted by loving families. To address this concern, AGCI hosted the first ever paperwork conference to educate orphanage directors on the importance of completing paperwork for children and advocating for children with special needs. Just two years after our advocacy, 60 children with special needs have since united with their forever families through AGCI alone. To further support these orphanages, we’ve raised the funds to purchase the computers, scanners, printers, and cameras needed to help complete adoption paperwork and advocate for these children.


Preserved over 1,277 families.


Provided 8,185 orphans with elevated, family-like care.


United over 3,523 orphans with their forever families.


Helped over 2,000 aging out orphans find stability and independence.


Changed over 654,689 lives.