Sponsorship ensures that your sponsored child is able to attend school, remain within their family’s care, receive healthy meals to fuel their studies, and save for their future education!

Sponsorships give older orphans the tools and support they need to create successful, independent futures. By sponsoring a vulnerable child or an orphan who has aged out of care, you can ensure they receive everything they need to continue their education while learning what it means to be a healthy, independent adult.

Our sponsorship model also means a portion of your monthly support will allow AGCI to implement life changing programs for children in need around the world.

Yes! You can sponsor as many children as you like!

The minimum amount to sponsor a child is $40 a month. Monthly sponsorship opportunities are also available at $50 and $60 per month. You are also welcome to fully sponsor a child’s education or independence. Please reach out to us if you’d like to learn more. If you're looking to support at a lower monthly amount, we encourage you to learn more about becoming a Cycle Breaker.

Yes! All contributions to All God’s Children International are tax-deductible in the United States. You will receive a receipt for each gift you give.

Our sponsorship model utilizes a portion of your monthly support which will allow AGCI to implement life changing programs for children in need around the world. These programs help us break the cycle of an orphan by improving child welfare policies, strengthening impoverished families, training orphanage caregivers and mentoring orphans aging out so they can reach their full potential.  These are just a few examples of the incredible work happening around the world thanks to amazing sponsors like you!

In some countries, it may cost significantly more to fully sponsor the education of a child or their path to independence. We break this up into smaller amounts of $40, $50, or $60 a month, although you are welcome to fully sponsor a child. In select countries, just one sponsor at $40, $50, or $60 a month may fully provide the specific needs for a sponsored child.

We understand the realities of individual financial situations. If you need to discontinue your child sponsorship, we will work to identify another person to take your place in supporting your sponsored child.  We also invite you to participate in that process by advocating with family, friends, and co-workers to help to identify a new sponsor for the child you support!

Our prayer is that many children AGCI supports through sponsorship will rise out of poverty and no longer need the assistance of a sponsorship program. Should this happen, we will notify you about the change in your child’s circumstances and will happily reassign your sponsorship to another child in need of sponsorship support. Your ongoing support can have a lifelong impact on the lives of many vulnerable children.

In addition to the knowledge that you are truly intervening for the one and the many, sponsors receive:

  • The ability to correspond with your sponsored child.
  • A special update and photos of your sponsored child twice a year.
  • A special video greeting from your sponsored child each year.
  • The option to send a Christmas gift and greeting to your sponsored child.
  • The joy of knowing you are changing a child’s life forever!

You can help others learn about the life-changing effects of sponsoring a child by becoming an official AGCI Ambassador! AGCI’s Ambassadors are a team of passionate advocates who are willing to invite friends, families and communities to learn more about the needs of orphaned children around the world and how they too can become a sponsor.  AGCI Ambassadors may host small events, post on social media or team up with our AGCI sponsorship team to find new ways to spread the word about children in need of sponsorship support. Please contact us to learn more about how you can become an AGCI Ambassador!

For every sponsorship dollar you contribute, 87 cents goes directly to AGCI’s sponsorship program! The remaining 13 cents goes toward administrative and fundraising costs.

Depending on your sponsorship level, 6, 18, or 30 additional children receive life-changing support services annually thanks to your sponsorship contribution! These services allow us to break the cycle of poverty for these children by elevating care in institutions, intervening for at-risk children so they never enter an institution, and helping young people living in institutions to attend college so they can grow into independent, successful adults. Through your sponsorship, you’re intervening for these additional kids in addition to continuing to change the life of your current sponsored child.

Yes! You are welcome to write a note of encouragement to your sponsored child. To do so please email it to The letters will be delivered to your sponsored child but we can’t guarantee you will get a response back.

Questions? Please reach out to us for more information!