Adopt Ricky, Nico, & Elise

Elise, Nico, and Ricky are as sweet as they come! They are very active and have lots of energy. They enjoy playing outside together, making up games, and coloring.

These adorable siblings entered an institution about four years ago after their family could no longer care for them. They enjoy going to school and making new friends.

Elise is a very mature and responsible older sister to her brothers. She looks out for them and loves them very much! She does well in school and is an avid learner.

Nico likes to play basketball and watch cartoons with his siblings. He loves to play outside with his friends and also enjoys school. Nico and his siblings have responded positively to the idea of being adopted and have lots of enthusiasm for a forever family!

Ricky is sweet and charming! He knows how to communicate well with others and loves to receive affection from his caregivers. Ricky had seizures when he was very young but is free of having seizures now and no longer requires medication!

We adore the energy and spark these siblings have for life and for each other! We are so excited for them to know the love of a forever family. If you would like to learn more about Elise, Nico, and Ricky, please contact Soojin Manzano at


AGE 12