Adopt Lucas, Bella and Caleb

Siblings Lucas, Bella, and Caleb are waiting for a forever family to love and support them! These sweet kids are deeply bonded to each other and deserve the chance to grow up together within a family.

Lucas has a great sense of humor! This sweet boy loves to laugh and is very affectionate! Lucas loves his siblings and shows affection by hugging and kissing! Lucas treats all of the younger children at the orphanage just like his siblings—he likes to give them directions, too! Lucas has a speech delay and a developmental delay and we are so encouraged by his good motor development! This adorable boy expresses himself well and loves to sing. His favorite songs are “Twinkle, Twinkle” and “Old McDonald.”

Bella is a social, affectionate little girl! She loves being around other people and likes to play, especially when it’s at the playground! Bella has a natural ease about her and is often happily playing and sharing her toys. This sweet girl is bonded to her caregivers and always smiles when she sees them coming her way. Bella has a hearing impairment and microcephaly and is able to understand and follow simple directions. She’s also able to drink from a glass, jump without losing her balance,  throw a ball and climb onto furniture. Bella is pretty expressive and changes her facial expression to indicate to her caregiver that she doesn’t like certain foods!

Caleb is an affectionate little boy! He loves being around people and is often smiling. Caleb likes to play ball and can easily throw and hold a ball. This cutie loves to laugh and be tickled! Caleb has a developmental delay which is likely due to spending his entire life in an institution. This sweet boy loves to be with people and it brings him great joy when someone sits with him and talks to him.

These sweet kids are so ready for a forever family! To learn more, please reach out Jen at 971-244-1457 or!

AGE 11