Adopt Lizzy, Robby, & Isabella

These adorable siblings are resilient and so loving! They love to play together and are very affectionate. They enjoy time outside and doing arts and crafts! Their caregivers would describe them as sweet, quiet, and loved by all!

These three entered care about 5 years ago and left a neglectful situation. Robby is very protective of his younger siblings and enjoys playing with his peers! He suffered a cranial injury when he was much younger, but has recovered well from the injury.

Lizzy loves to set a sweet example for younger sister and she loves to learn. She enjoys going to school and doing crafts! When Lizzy was younger, she also experienced injuries that led her to get some stitches, but there has been no lasting effect from these injuries.

Isabella is shy at first, but warms up to new friends with a ready smile. She is quiet and also enjoys going to school. Recently, she received “most improved” in her class!

These siblings have been through so much early on in life, but have only grown closer through their tough beginnings. Their hope is to be adopted together! We know they will only thrive and grow stronger with the love and support of a forever family! If you would like to learn more about these amazing siblings, please contact Soojin Manzano at

AGE 13