Adopt Colette

Sweet Colette is a talkative child who loves to sing and dance! She enjoys playing hide-and-seek and making bead bracelets with her friends. Colette also likes to help in the garden, play with dolls, and enjoy the sunshine while playing basketball!

Colette has been diagnosed with limb deformities, but she has not let this hinder her physical development! She is able to walk, run, use utensils to eat, ride a bike, and go up and down stairs. What really shows the progress Colette has been making since coming into care is the fact she will now participate in games where the children hold hands. Colette used to shy away from these types of games because her hand looked different from everyone else, so we are so proud of this step of confidence she has taken!

Colette is diligent in her studies and shows initiative in her school assignments. Last spring, she was able to participate in one-on-one sessions that helped her develop her writing, reading, math, and communication skills. She showed great improvement after these sessions and now knows all of her letters and has started to copy words and sentences. The staff also noticed Colette showing more confidence in her interactions with staff and other children after theses sessions. Colette is even sharing Bible verses in front of others during family devotion time!

Colette dreams of being a doctor one day, but she also dreams of having her own family in the future. Could you be the family Colette is waiting for? To learn more about this amazing girl and her story contact Soojin Manzano at