Adopt Sidney

Sidney is known for her servant’s heart and eagerness to help with household chores! She does a fantastic job washing dishes, sweeping the floor, and folding clothes. Sidney also does a good job caring for herself by combing her hair and brushing her teeth. She is described as affectionate and friendly toward the other children and is obedient to her caregivers. When Sidney was younger her caregivers said she was a ‘bundle of joy’!

Sidney has been diagnosed with hearing loss and has since been fitted with hearing aids. Her speech has improved and become more comprehensible since she received the hearing aid.

Sidney loves the movie ‘Frozen’ and her favorite color is light blue! She loves any type of outdoor activity, especially biking. Sidney received the best in writing award when she attended preparatory school and has also received character recognition for being the most polite, kind, determined, and prayerful.

To Sidney, a family is parental figures who care for and provide her with her needs. Sweet Sidney wishes and prays for a family every night before she goes to sleep. To learn more about this precious child and her story contact Soojin Manzano at

AGE 10