Adopt Leo & Jensen

These adorable siblings are active and energetic! Jensen and Leo are full of sweetness and love to play with each other. Both of them like to dance and do puzzles.

These adorable boys were abandoned when they were just three and two years old. Jensen enjoys music and playing outside. He loves to follow dance steps and learn all the moves! He is close to his younger brother and protective of him. Jensen is on track developmentally and loves to go to school!

Leo is a playful and charming little boy. He shows much affection for his caregivers and gives out many hugs! His favorite sport is basketball and he loves to play it outside with his brother and friends. Leo has mild speech and cognitive delays but has always shown an interest in learning new things! He has also been diagnosed with Myocarditis, which causes inflammation of the heart. He is being treated for this and regularly sees a doctor.

Jensen and Leo will bring much joy and love into the lives of their forever family! We are looking forward to what God has in store for them. If you would like to learn more about these amazing brothers, please contact Soojin Manzano at