Adopt Nathan

Nathan is a lively and energetic little boy who is very inquisitive and loves to explore his surroundings! Nathan enjoys being active outdoors, and when he’s not outside playing, you can find him putting puzzles together and looking at books. He can be quick to tease other children and likes to participate in the group games they play!

Nathan came into care when he was about one month old. He was admitted by his grandmother and aunt who reported Nathan’s mother was not capable of caring for him due to her mental disorder and lack of employment. Nathan was known as a happy and social baby amongst his caregivers. He was often smiling or laughing and loved receiving attention from other children.

Nathan was diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy at the age of three. Prior to the diagnosis, Nathan had been attending physical therapy sessions. Nathan no longer attends physical therapy as he has shown great improvement in his motor functions, and he is now completely mobile. Nathan is unable to communicate verbally. He can understand simple instructions and uses babbling to express his needs. Nathan attends weekly speech therapy to improve his communication skills.

When Nathan celebrated his fourth birthday this summer he smiled throughout the entire day! Nathan enjoyed being the center of attention and having the opportunity to show off his party clothes to his caregivers and friends. Our prayer is that Nathan would soon be celebrating a birthday surrounded by his family! To learn more about Nathan contact Soojin Manzano at