Adopt Harper

Harper is a friendly, energetic, and playful child! Watching movies, reading fairy tales or Bible stories, and swinging at the park are a few of her favorite things to do!

Harper was admitted into care when she was nearly six years old. Our team is extremely proud of the progress Harper has made since coming into care. After just a few months she started to show her personality, become more playful, use eye contact, make friends with the other girls, and use her beautiful voice to sing worship songs. Harper also showed a loved for school. Her teachers report that she excels in most subjects and does a fantastic job participating in class discussion!

When she’s not at school Harper loves to sing and dance, and she also shows her responsibility by cleaning up her toys, folding her clothes, and bathing herself. Harper has dreams of becoming a singer when she is older. She believes this will allow her to share the Gospel to many people!

Harper is waiting for and looking forward to the day she will have a family that will guide her and love her unconditionally. To learn more about sweet Harper and her story, please contact Soojin Manzano at

AGE 12