Adopt Grayson, Sasha, Sara, & Gabe

Grayson, Sasha, Sara, and Gabe are four sweet siblings from the Philippines and are hoping to find a forever family that they can call their own! Though they were born into an unstable home, their resiliency and love for each other has kept them healthy and happy. Additionally, they’ve received wonderful care under their foster parents who are preparing them for a bright future!

Grayson is playful and social, and he loves any activity that will get him outside! Basketball and tossing around balloons are some of his favorite things to do. Grayson is a caring big brother to his three siblings and especially looks out for his little brother Gabe.

Sasha is a sweet and talkative girl with a beautiful smile. Her foster parents say that she is respectful and helps with chores around the house. Sasha loves her siblings very much and eagerly waits for the times when she can visit with her brothers at their separate foster home.

Sara is more on the shyer side around strangers, but really comes alive around her siblings and foster family! She’s known for her sweet personality and for how well behaved she is. Sara loves to play with water and won’t give up an opportunity to play in the sprinklers if she gets the chance!

Little Gabe is the youngest of the four and is closest with his big brother Grayson. Gabe is quieter with strangers as well, but he’s very playful and active when he is around his siblings or peers!

Sadly, these four loving siblings have not yet known the love of a forever family. Our dream is that they would experience the kind of childhood that all children deserve – one filled with unconditional love and  safety. Could you be the family that will change their lives forever? Please contact Soojin Manzano at