Adopt Jonathan & Jayden

These delightful two are Jonathan and Jayden, siblings who have been living in an institution most of their lives. They are one year apart, but they each entered the same institution shortly after they were born. Their deepest wish is to be adopted together by a loving family!

Older brother Jonathan is a spunky little boy who loves music. He enjoys making up tunes and humming them as he goes throughout his day. He can identify animal sounds and has learned to point and identify names of people and objects. Jonathan has been diagnosed with Global Development Delay and finds focusing on tasks to be challenging. He is currently receiving speech and occupational therapy which are helping with language and overall development.

Bright-eyed Jayden is developing right on track for her age level. She is healthy in every aspect, both physical and mental. Playing with friends, climbing, and pretending to be a chef are some of her favorite activities. Having been in institutional care for her entire life, Jayden will blossom under the steadfast love and nurture of a forever family.

Jonathan and Jayden enjoy playing with each other. They love hopping into the kiddie car and riding around together. We are searching for a forever family who will cherish these precious children and provide an environment in which they can both grow and develop into all they were meant to be.

Could you be that family? You can learn more about Jonathan and Jayden by contacting Haley at