Forever Thankful: Genet & Solomon

solomon-genetIn this season of giving and thanksgiving, we want to say “Thank You” to all those who partner with us to transform the lives of countless orphans around the world. Thanks to your care and support, we celebrate the impact of transformed lives at Hannah’s Hope.  Through the loving care of our Special Mothers, lives of orphans in need are literally saved from death through the love, support, food, shelter and medical care  they receive at Hannah’s Hope.


GENET & SOLOMON were transitioned into our Hannah’s Hope Home in Addis after their orphanage in northern Ethiopia was shut down. Craving attention and play, they flourished in the loving environment. After all of the trauma that these children experienced, it was amazing to see them open up and become attached to their special mothers and caretakers.

Genet and Solomon have changed immensely from the scared, shy children they once were. After two years in our care, Genet and Solomon blossomed into bright, caring individuals, forever changed by the Hannah’s Hope difference.

We are forever thankful for our generous donors that give to Hannah’s Hope to change lives forever for children like Genet and Solomon.



4 Responses

  1. Can Genet and Solomon be adopted through allgodschildren? We adopted two sisters with AGCI. Four and a half years ago. I know things aren’t going well with adoptions in Ethiopia right now but wandered if it was a possibility?

    1. Hi Jan, Genet and Solomon have been adopted and have a forever family! Thank you for your interest in these children.