Adoption Stories

The Best Gifts Ever

At AGCI, we are answering God’s call to provide the love and care that every child deserves. When it is not possible to safely reunify

Becoming a Mom Through Adoption

My husband and I got married in 2011. We wanted a big family. When you get married, you think you’re going to plan out your

Waiting Children—One Chance to Thrive

At AGCI, we recognize the true importance of finding families for kids, not kids for families. It’s our greatest joy to put a child’s needs

The Little Things That Melt Our Hearts

We are honored to share this beautiful reflection by AGCI adoption mom, Vanessa Demeter. Sometimes life’s biggest joys are in the small things. We’re grateful

Could Lucy be your daughter?

Lucy is a joy! She adapts easily and has made huge progress—she now is more assertive, calmer, and cheerful. She gets along well with others and enjoys

Remember These Brothers?

A few months ago, we reached out to share Jayson (3) and Carter (1)’s story. These sweet brothers are waiting in Colombia–we need your prayers and

Yinny’s Story: A Waiting Child’s Journey

We’re Still Advocating For Ryan!

We’ve been advocating for 7-year-old Ryan for several months. This adorable, sweet boy deserves the chance to experience the unconditional love of a family. We are

Meet Vivien

Sweet 4-year-old Vivien came into care in Colombia two years ago. This shy, independent girl is gaining more and more confidence every day! We know

Meet Jayson & Carter

Big brother Jayson (2) is a sweet, affectionate little boy! He interacts well with his peers and is very bonded to his caregivers which is

Ryan Is Waiting In China

Ryan just turned 7 years old! We’ve been advocating for this adorable, kind boy for some time now and we just know his forever family is

Meet Ally

3-year-old Ally is a joy! Ally entered into foster care in Colombia when she was just a few weeks old. This sweet girl has lived