Forever Thankful: Child Sponsors

AsemlashIn this season of Thanksgiving, we continue to say “Thank You” to all those who partner with us to transform the lives of countless orphans around the world. Today we are mindful of all the children’s lives changed thanks to our wonderful child sponsors.

ASEMLASH lost both of his parents from disease. His older brother took over his care along with his two siblings. While his brother does his best, they all live in extreme poverty. Fortunately, Asemlash has received support through AGCI since the 2nd grade.

AGCI sponsorship allows Asemlash to stay in school and continue living with his family. Asemlash is now in the 6th grade and doing well.

We are forever thankful for our hundreds of child sponsors. Their monthly gifts allow children like Asemlash to stay in their homes and with their families.