CHINA: Packed and Ready to Go!

AGCI’s Tiffany Williams is heading to China this week. She will be blogging along the way…

PackageStackWell, I am packed and ready to go!  It only took a few attempts to get the weight requirements just right for the flight, but I officially have 45 pounds of baby clothes to present to the Xiamen orphanage, I am so excited to present this gift to them!  I also picked up some gifts for our AGCI staff and the staff at New Day and Bethel.  Here is a picture of all the packages that came in.  Thank you to all of you who sent in all these!  My flight leaves at 6:30am on Tuesday morning.

Here is a brief summary of what I will be doing while I am in China:

Wednesday July 3 –  Saturday, July 6 visit with CCCWA,  New Day Foster Home, and Bethel in Beijing

To learn more about the CCCWA:

To learn more about Bethel visit:

To learn more about New Day visit:

Sunday, July 7 travel to Fuzhou

Monday, July 8 – meeting Fuzhou provincial officials and travel to Xiamen

Tuesday, July 9 – Wednesday, July 10 visit with Xiamen Social Welfare Institute

To learn more about Xiamen visit:

Thank you for your prayers!


3 Responses

  1. Safe travels, Tiffany! I can’t wait to follow along on your journey. Please hugs all the kids from us here in Phoenix 😉

  2. So excited for you to make this trip and what a blessing you have to give in those boxes! Great job packing!!!

  3. Praying for you! God will do amazing things through you. I miss you already. Give the kids an extra hug for me while you are there. I’m praying for your success, health, and safety. I’ll check on your family here and continue to keep them in my prayers too. Much love, Sarah