ETHIOPIA: Mission Team Update

Kiersten, leading our Ethiopia team, shares the following update:

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“We’re in Ethiopia!” shouts Ava, our youngest teammate after finally settling into our seats on the bus.  After two days of travel we have finally made it, successful getting through immigration and remarkably with all 21 bags of donations in tow.  It felt like a second homecoming to be greeted by Wass, one of our AGCI Ethiopia staff members who helped to load us up and off to the hotel.

Just driving through the streets of Addis Ababa was quite the experience for our whole team. New smells, new sights and of course…goats everywhere! Finally, we made it to the hotel about mid-morning tired, but a little high off of the excitement of finally having arrived in Ethiopia.

After a much needed nap for our younger team members, and several shots of espresso for our older team members, we headed to Hannah’s Hope. There  we met with Mathewos, who oversees development and activities for AGCI in Ethiopia.  We talked about the quality care at Hannah’s Hope and how unique it is to have a home where children are cared for so deeply and individually by the staff there.

A few more questions were exchanged before the team enjoyed some good time playing, sharing and interacting with the older children at Hannah’s Hope.  Face painting, passing around friendship bracelets (lovingly made braided by the whole team) and playing with playdo were big hits with all the kids. So good to kick off our time in Ethiopia with the special mothers and children at Hannah’s Hope. The team has already displayed such a respect and love for these kids in such a thoughtful and genuine way.  Can’t wait to see what the rest of the week has in store!

Finished the day with fresh squeezed juice and burgers at Kaldis. Yep. It’s gonna be a great trip! We are blessed and anxious to see God work through our time this next week! We’ll continue to keep you posted as the journey unfolds.

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