New 1 to 1 Relationship with China Orphanage

From Tiffany Williams, China Program Manager

We have exciting news to share for our China adoption and orphan care program.  All God’s Children International has been assigned our first orphanage through the CCCWA’s one to one orphanage program! We will continue to work with the shared list of referrals as before, but this partnership will allow us to help better care for orphans in a tangible way in China and help better the lives of the children in this specific orphanage. We also look forward to placing children from this orphanage. The orphanage is the Xiamen orphanage in the Fujian province and is right across the water from Taiwan.

I will be traveling to China in early July and also look forward to visiting with New Day, Bethel, and the CCCWA in Beijing. It is my understanding that the Xiamen orphanage has not done many adoptions. I am going in to evaluate the orphanage and help determine how to help with paperwork to make the children available for adoption. I believe there are children up to age 18 there, but they are un-adoptable after 14, so I will also need to help find ways to help improve the lives of the older kids. It is my understanding that many times the reason why kids are not adoptable is due to paperwork, as the country does not require all orphans to be put up for adoption.

As you know, the database only has about 2000 kids on it that are special needs, and that is only a small fraction of the orphans in China. At this time, I do not know how many of the Xiamen kids there are,but it is my understanding that more of their kids will be put on our individual list. Some of the kids on our website are currently residing there. AGCI hopes to also send a team of volunteers to this orphanage to help in the next year. If you are interested in helping with this please let me know. I will be sharing the needs of this orphanage with you when I return home. Most orphanages are looking for teams to help with medical evaluations of children or needed repairs around the orphanage.

We look forward to advocating for the orphans at Xiamen, and working with the officials there to help provide for the children’s needs.

3 Responses

  1. I am going with my daughter to xiamen and would like to visit your orphanage , is this possible?

  2. Hi Deborah! Unfortunately, not at this time, but we encourage you to look into future mission trips there!