Ethiopia: Lebu Community Center Painting Project

IMG 88981

Well today was our first big work day of the trip.  We arrived at the Lebu Community Center with the whole team who jumped into action cleaning walls, taping the space and laying down drop cloths and cardboard in preparation for painting. Initially we thought we would just be painting the main rec space in the downstairs of the building, but after talking to the administrators there, we were enlisted to see if we could also help to repaint the huge auditorium in the back of the building.

I’m proud to say the team stepped up and we have successfully knocked out a huge portion of the paint job for both rooms. The new ivory paint has already helped to rejuvenate the whole building. It’ll be good to see the green and yellow added tomorrow to really complete the recreation of both rooms. We were especially thankful today for Mr. Bill’s background in construction and his leadership on this project. Everyone from the oldest to the smallest on our team had a paintbrush in hand along with many of the staff and kids at the community center who also joined in.  It was fun for our team to strike up conversation with staff and youth and the center as we worked side by side.

One of our teammates, also brought a few smaller blank art canvas boards which were given to some of the youth spending time at the community center in the morning. They made the most wonderful works of art which we hope can be hung in the library or some other room in the community center. Tomorrow we will head back to the community center to finish up the painting project. Can’t wait!

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