Ethiopia: Lebu Community Center Day 2

Natalie at HH

Wow! I can’t believe we are already through Tuesday.  This morning we were able to spend some special time at Hannah’s Hope playing with the older kids and snuggling with the little ones.  Of course, we all loved getting to know the children better and have a few moments with the special mothers and staff at Hannah’s Hope.

From Hannah’s Hope we walked to lunch at a local restaurant before heading back to the Lebu Community Center for another round of painting. Today we jumped into action again under the leadership of Mr. Bill and were able to brighten up the auditorium and the rec room with some color. The paint has made a big difference, especially the bright yellow we chose for the auditorium!

One big reason for our team’s involvement at the community center is because of how central it is to so many community activities and support for at-risk families in the area near Hannah’s Hope. The center is the administration hub for three subcities — Lebu, Lafto and Erto. Hundreds of thousands of people are served by the resources in this one center. Not only is it a safe haven for youth, the center also hosts community meetings and is the location for several government offices including the local branch of the ministry of women’s affairs.  By giving our time and resources to the center we are able to help strengthen the whole community and impact the lives of thousands of children.

Lebu Community Center Auditorium

Tomorrow we head back to the community center for our final day of painting.  One of my favorite things about today was seeing how close our team is getting. They have formed  relationships both within our group and also with the youth and staff at the center. It’s a very special privilege to watch those moments of friendship unfold. We’ve been blessed!

Until next post…