The Children of Xiamen

025bToday we started early at the orphanage and we were asked to spend some time with the new kids that have been newly abandoned in the last few months at Xiamen.  Again, there has been 69 new kids so far since January abandoned.  We saw a number of new babies, one from my observation was just about a week old and still had her umbilical cord.  We also saw several older kids, with cerebral palsy, brain damage, and epilepsy.  It sounds like several of the kids were abandoned with notes that they were having to leave the kids at Xiamen due to financial care of their children’s special needs. The doctor with us was able to do physical exams and give advice on how to care for the kids.  I am so thankful for her knowledge and love for the kids. 

In the afternoon we had a nice lunch and then sat down and went over the list of kids to come up with about 45 kids we would like to advocate for this year. I also got to spend some time holding sweet Gabriella who was off of her oxygen. I enjoyed rocking and talking to her, and I finally got her to smile!  That night, the orphanage director invited us to a dinner and she also had another orphanage director and her staff there to discuss the new safety island process and how that is working.  We also discussed our partnership and steps we have taken and will take in the coming year.  I really wish that I knew the language so I could speak to the staff better, but I am so thankful for Rocky who helps so much with this for me. He has been such a blessing!

027bHere is a photo from the dinner.  Tomorrow, we will leave for Longyan early and see the foster kids there, several which have families now, I can’t wait to see them!


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  1. Catching up with your trip my friend and it’s so good to hear all God is doing through you! Every time I see Rocky I tear up a little! We so enjoyed our brief time with him and how well he took care of us in Beijing. I’m excited to see all the children you help become matched! Maybe even by friends of ours! Only God knows!