Xiamen Medical Team Update

TiffThis morning after breakfast I took a short walk over to the orphanage and we got set up to start at 8:30. We were told we would see the list of 30 kids today that we would be getting on our next individual list. The paperwork has not been prepared for them yet due to them being so busy, which I totally understand. I learned in July that we would see about 100 kids on our next trip in the spring, but then learned several weeks ago that it would be nearly 174 kids. I did not realize why until this week.

China has changed some things about the abandonment process, and families are now being asked if they are going to abandon their children to do it in what is called a baby safety island. So, Xiamen was chosen for Fujian and there is no other yet in the province. This started in January, and they have now received sometimes 1-2 kids per day. The orphanage staff shared with me that they have now received 69 new kids, since January 1st, mostly kids with significant needs. To read more you can go here: https://www.whatsonxiamen.com/news34297.html They have been so busy. Please be praying for the orphanage staff as they work to care for this over flow of children. It is my understanding that it used to be just a few babies were abandoned a month. So, they did bring in some of these kids for examination with hopes that we can place them.

I realized that there were some kids not on the list that I would love to see on the list, and surprisingly, the orphanage decided that it would be okay if I just choose the 30 kids I think would be best to put on our list! Also, I asked if it would be okay if we did 45, and have some much harder placements so we can give those kids a chance too to try and find families and they agreed. So, we are now working on choosing these files. Please remember that if you are in the adoption process and want a child with moderate needs you must be logged in to the CCCWA and have a completed dossier, including immigration approval. I was told it would be at least 2 more months to see the paperwork. Some of these 45 will be moderate needs, but many will be significant needs as that is all that is available right now.


Some of the kids that we saw were just abandoned in the last few months, we saw 35 children all together. One little girl I cannot get out of my head was just abandoned in February, she is six years old and has some significant burns. I could see that she was grieving deeply. She is beautiful and I so hope we can get her file on our next list and find her a family!

I also got to see one of the older boys that is on our list, AGCI has given him the English name Eli. He is eight years old and has a deformed arm and has low vision in one eye, but sees fine from his other eye. I got a video with him and he was so talkative and fun, and I saw no cognitive delays. He is very smart and made me smile. He said he has lots of friends, likes art, and likes school. I think he would do great with an adoptive family. He also has a grant toward his adoption available if a family needed this assistance. I am so hoping we see him placed soon! I really enjoyed visiting with him.

I also learned today that at the orphanage would be happy to have us work on a vitamin project for them and an ongoing supply of hand sanitizer. We will need to do this for 120 nannies and 200 dropper infants for kids under age 4, and 200 for kids ages 5-18. They would like the chewable kind and not the gummy kind. I will start working on this project when I get home. I am so happy we will be able to help with this.

There are so many precious kids I wish I could share pictures of! Just so you know though, I am only able to post pictures of kids on our individual list and kids that have been placed.

I was happy to be able to spend some time in the special care room today. It is so good for my heart to see and hold the kids! They are all so precious.

Tomorrow they have asked that our doctor here examine some of the newly abandoned kids and then I have a dinner with the orphanage staff.

Thank you for your love and prayers!