These Sweet Sisters Are Waiting For Their Forever Family!

UPDATE: We are so excited to share that Lauren, Stacey, Tanya, and Katie have found their forever family! To learn about other children still waiting for their forever family, visit our international adoption photolistings.

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when dreams come true, there is life and joy.”
– Proverbs 13:12

Sisters Lauren (12), Stacey (9), Tanya (8), and Katie (7) are affectionate, healthy, bright girls waiting in Colombia for their forever family! These sweet sisters are bright, respectful, resilient, and incredibly bonded to each other. These amazing girls have been in protection for more than 3 years and while they have been through a lot, they are still kids who just want to be loved! They all share a love of dance parties, art, and crafts. We can just imagine very fun sister sleepovers in their future! It’s our prayer that they’ll soon be united with a family that loves and supports them.

Oldest sister Lauren is very mature and dedicated to her schoolwork. She’s currently in the 5th grade and we are so impressed by her calm confidence and her love for reading and studying! Lauren takes her role as big sister seriously and wants to be a good role model for her sisters. Lauren has had to act more as a parent than as a big sister, and it’s our hope that she will soon be able to just be a kid again!  Lauren likes to spend time with friends but is happiest when she’s with her sisters. This sweet girl also shared that she believes that an adoptive family has a lot of love to give and to be adopted would be an opportunity for a new life for herself and her sisters.

Stacey is in the 4th grade and is such a sweet, resilient girl! When she first came into care, she was often quiet and more of an observer. Stacey has blossomed over the past few years and has grown into a joyful, spontaneous girl who loves spending time with her sisters and friends. She’s very creative and her favorite activities include drawing, creating new hairstyles, and working on craft projects! She also loves swimming, listening to music, and dancing.

Tanya is a curious, active girl and a natural leader. She is in the 3rd grade and is a smart, mature child! Tanya does well in school and has a great capacity for elaboration and verbal expression. We are so impressed by Tanya’s resilience and the wonderful healthy, close bonds she has developed with her sisters, friends, and caregivers. She is always interested in participating, whether at school or in a game with peers and loves to dance, sing, draw, and play with makeup.

The youngest, Katie, is an adaptable child who loves the routine of school and the joy of accomplishing new tasks! Katie is a calm and strong little girl and we love to see her bond with her sisters. She in the 1st grade and currently loves working on puzzles, painting, dancing, singing, and riding her bike! She also shared with her caregivers that it’s her dream to become a doctor or a professional dance teacher!

Sadly, if a family does not step forward soon, these amazing sisters will be separated. These girls are so ready to know the love of a family and have the opportunity to succeed. It’s our hope that their dream for a family will come true! Reach out to Jennifer to learn more at 971-244-1457

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  1. My husband and I, will be praying for these beautiful girls, God have a great purpose for them :’)