Our Prayer For Megan

2017.08.30 Megan Maria 1

“So that I may come to you with joy, by God’s will, and in your company be refreshed.” Romans 15:22

Megan is so full of joy! Our team met Megan in Colombia earlier this month and we were blown away by her contagious energy and sunny disposition! This sweet 9-year-old girl has an infectious smile that just melted our hearts.

We spent an afternoon with Megan, chasing her around the playground, pushing her (Higher! Higher!) on the swings, and watching her play with friends. Throughout our time together, Megan’s sweet laugh and beaming smile were ever present.

Megan is so clearly a leader! From the way in which she led games with her peers, it’s clear this cutie isn’t afraid to show initiative. Megan is also so bubbly and affectionate! She wasn’t shy about giving out hugs to friends or her foster family.

Megan is definitely a girly-girl! She loves color, and it shows both in the way she dresses and in her artwork! Megan also loves to build with toys, play with baby dolls, dance, and sing. We think she would make an amazing artist some day—she is so magnetic and has an amazing presence!

While Megan has been through a lot, she still manages to be positive and a beacon of light to all those around her. Tragically, her mother brought her to ICBF when she was just a few months old because she lacked the resources to care for her. Shortly thereafter, this sweet baby girl was diagnosed with leukemia. We are praising God that today, Megan’s leukemia is in remission and she is active and full of energy!

This cutie is currently in the 1st grade. While she’s behind in school due to the schedule of her treatments, her foster family is helping her catch up and focus more on her homework. We are so happy to see that she is so well bonded to this family and know she would thrive within her own forever family!

Our prayer for Megan is that she is able to experience the love of a forever family. This joyful, vibrant girl so deserves a family’s unconditional love!

To learn more about Megan, please reach out to Soojin at spark@allgodschildren.org or 971-244-1453.