Dylan and Jonas Are Running Out of Time

UPDATE: We are so excited to share that Dylan and Jonas have found their forever family! To learn about other children still waiting for their forever family, visit our international adoption photolistings.

“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.” Proverbs 17:17

We met Dylan and Jonas last week at an orphanage in Colombia. While we already knew a little bit about them, the truth is, everything changes when you meet a child and look into their eyes. In an instant, you see the pain and the heartbreak, and also the joy and the hope.

We spent the afternoon getting to know these sweet brothers. We played soccer, Tic-Tac-Toe, chatted and laughed. This is what we learned: these boys are special. There is a tenderness and an overwhelming sense of love that just oozes from their very beings.

From the moment we met them, it was clear that family is the most important thing to them. Dylan and Jonas are very close and their ages (Dylan is 13 and Jonas is 14) allow them to be both brothers and best friends. They have a natural rhythm to their relationship that is nothing short of lovely—from the way they played soccer together (always celebrating each other’s victories) to the ways in which they described each other. All they have is each other and they treasure their relationship above everything else.

Dylan and Jonas shared again and again how much they wanted the unconditional love and acceptance of a family. Their bond is unbreakable and their biggest heartache is that they were already separated from their older sister. This separation led them to set out looking for her—family is that important to them!

Older brother Jonas is such a leader! While he is just a year older than Dylan, he is so dedicated to protecting him and ensuring he is happy. Jonas shared with us that he works hard in school and is dedicated to continuing his education through college so that he can study to be a lawyer and help his brother. His selflessness and maturity is inspiring! Aside from helping his brother, Jonas dreams of nothing more than having the unconditional love of a family. All he wants is a family’s love and the opportunity to “be a successful person.”

Jonas’s kind, gentle nature was apparent in every interaction. From the way he interacted with his brother, to the respect and sincerity in which he answered questions, it’s clear that Jonas is a sweet, loving boy who craves connection. Following a game of soccer, we asked Jonas if he’d like to play Tic-Tac-Toe. After several rounds of losing horribly (and trying our best!) Jonas offered to show us some strategies behind the game. His sincerity, patience, and understanding amazed us. He was more concerned with the way we may have felt after losing a few games than with his own winning streak. This small anecdote is representative of who this sweet boy is—selfless, caring, and compassionate!

Dylan shares his older brother’s sweet and kind spirit! He has a warmth to him that is evident immediately—he celebrates each small victory with a grace and joy that is nothing short of life-giving. While playing soccer, Dylan would run to his brother to accept or give a high five for a great play or a goal scored. He thrives on praise and beamed whenever his soccer skills were complimented. Dylan loves soccer and his favorite position is forward—he loves the engagement and excitement of scoring goals!

Dylan is deeply compassionate and is most interested in how he can help others. He made a special woven personalized bracelet as a gift for “LaLa” a staff member at the home and was so proud to show it to us. When we complimented his watch, he also shared that he had saved up money earned for good behavior in order to purchase it for himself. His maturity and ability to set and accomplish goals were so inspiring! Dylan has also learned to play the trumpet and is dedicated to practicing and attending his lessons. It’s his goal to be a trumpet player when he grows up!

Dylan also has an amazing connection with Jonas and looks up to him. Jonas shared the following about Dylan, “He’s a great brother. I love him a lot and he always supports me no matter what.” Like his brother, Dylan dreams of having the love and support of a forever family!

Sadly, Dylan and Jonas are categorized into a group that’s often forgotten. They’re older. They’re boys. They’re a sibling group. They aren’t what many families are seeking when they begin the adoption process.

But here’s why none of that matters. They deserve to be loved as much as any other child. The difference is, they are running out of time. Unless a family steps forward soon, these amazing brothers will age out of the adoption system and no longer be eligible to be adopted by a loving family. Without a family, they face a future of uncertainty and sadness. Please join us in praying and sharing their story. These boys need your advocacy and your love!

Please reach out to Soojin at 971-244-1453 or spark@allgodschildren.org to learn more!

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  1. I would like to know more about how to adopt Dylan and Jonas. Do you guys have any grants for adopting siblings?

    1. Hi Martha! Thanks for reaching out. The best way to learn more is to contact Soojin (her info is within the blog). I hope that helps!

  2. Would you consider placing Jonas and Dylan with a family with 3 younger boys? (5, 3 1/2, newborn) ? I know traditionally adoptions aren’t recommended “out of birth order” but both our 5 and 3 1/2 year old are adopted from foster system, and our 5 year old is open (and asks) to adopt more…

    1. Hi Kaitlyn! Thanks for reaching out. Everything is considered on a case by case basis. The best first step is to reach out to Soojin (her contact info is within the post) and to fill out a free pre-app to begin the process. Thanks so much!

      1. Hi Melissa,

        Thank you for your reply!

        My husband and I are very interested in learning more about Dylan and Jonas. We called Soojin, and are waiting to hear hear back. We are prayerfully considering adoption.