An Amazing Journey

71It seemed fitting to spend my last day in China at church here, thanking the Lord for all he has done!  During worship time, the song “How Great is Our God” was played, and I had to excuse myself half way through, just to wipe the tears in my eyes, as I thought about all the blessings of this week and this partnership since July.  I can’t help but get emotional after helping exam over 100 kids, and seeing the kids we have placed since then.  The kids have touched me deeply, and I can’t wait to get home and help advocate for them to find families.

I am praying we can get the kids paperwork soon.  Please be praying for the orphanage as they prepare it, as I know they are busy with the new abandonment process here in Xiamen with them being the only orphanage currently with the baby island.  I cannot place kids with out the paperwork being done.  We have been asked at AGCI to try and help hire two new nannies for them so they can do hospital runs.  Many of the kids coming in need to be hospitalized and have someone stay with them. 

This week I was not able to see little Enoch, who we placed from our first list of kids, he is in Hong Kong, and has had surgery on his legs to help him walk.  Here is an updated photo!  He has some one there from Xiamen helping care for him while he goes through therapy. I am so happy he was able to have this surgery done.  Please be praying for him too that he will be able to walk soon! I love his sweet smile! His family hopes to travel to get him in about six months. Tomorrow, I leave the hotel at 5:30 am to start the long journey home.  Thank you for following my journey and for all your love and prayers.  I am excited to see the placements that will happen from the next group, and I know God has some wonderful things in store for the kids at Xiamen!


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  1. We Forgot you were going to China! We just caught up with your trip so far and have enjoyed reading what God is doing! How exciting! Thank you for all you do bringing families together, we felt so blessed to have you help us find our daughter and she is doing so well! Can’t wait to see other children find their forever families!!! 🙂 Safe travels back home!

    God Bless,
    Lisa, Ed, Brandon, Justin and Leah