Final Day at Xiamen

1On Saturday I was able to travel to see three children that were on our first list that were placed with families!  The first little girl came on our first list and has a heart condition.  She was so sweet, and I loved being able to show her a picture of her amazing parents for the first time!  We were able to visit with her foster mom and learn about how she has been doing. She loved playing in the apartment court yard and loved riding around on a little scooter.  We had to smile at her little purple hat with fake hair extensions.  Too funny.   🙂  Once again I was amazed at the loving care of the foster families, they take very good care of the kids! 

2Next we traveled over to another apartment to see two boys that have been placed as well!  The boys were so busy, and their foster mom said the boys actually make their own obstacle courses in the house and also do running and crawling races to the front door to the back window!  The boys are close friends and I am happy to say their new moms have now become friends too.  I am glad they will stay in touch!  After lunch, I spent one last afternoon in the special care room, and I loved on the kids as much I could and tried to get to know the ones that we hope to get on our next list.  I kissed sweet Gabriella on the head when I left and whispered a prayer for her that she will be home soon for her heart surgery.  The kids are so sweet.  It is amazing to me how we can sometimes just see paperwork, and not the real child behind it, how special needs can sound over whelming, and then I spend time with them and they are just the most amazing kids.  I forget they have special needs sometimes – they laugh, smile, get in to trouble, and play,  they are just normal kids who need some extra attention.  Not to speak light of their special needs, but it just makes it so much more personal meeting them.

3I am so thankful God has opened the door for us to be present in this way for the medical exams so we can help better prepare families for the children they are adopting.   That night, I had dinner at a local western restaurant, and it was  nice to break away from Chinese food.  They served free coffee and popcorn while we waited for dinner. 🙂  Then, we went out souvenir shopping at a local Chinese mall. It was fun to pick up some things for my girls who I have been missing!  I can’t wait to see my family Monday.  I have so enjoyed my time here and am thrilled to see all that God has done!  Tomorrow is my last day here and then I head home!


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  1. Tiffany,

    Holly and I are Jack’s grandparents, parents of Heidi DeMaio, and we will be moving from our home in California to North Carolina for two years to help with Jack’s care. We are considering short term ministry opportunities while we are there and I wondered if there might be something with All God’s Children. Could you direct us to a site where we could explore the needs of the organization for short term ministry, three weeks to 2 months.

    God bless,

    Tom Lightvoet