A Prayer For Josiah

IMAG1611-SMILEPrayer is powerful. We’re asking our AGCI community to lift up one of our families, the Scholes, in prayer. Below is a note written by Eleshia Scholes, adoptive mom to sweet Josiah. Josiah has spent the last 5 weeks in the hospital following heart surgery.

Tomorrow, we will be 5 weeks post op from Josiah’s surgery. We are here a little more longer than we thought or planned we would be. We thought we would be home for Thanksgiving. We thought we would be sending Josiah back to school this week. We thought we would be kicking off the Christmas season by asking the youth to hang the greenery on the balcony at the Hanging of the Green.

I guess it is a good thing we aren’t the Planner here; our plans were way off from His. Twice now this year, my timelines for planning to be back to “normal” have been different than His. One thing I’ve learned is that matters of the heart are delicate. Sometimes they take more time to heal than you think or want. But in the grand scheme of things, the things we have had to sacrifice these past few weeks do not compare to the weight of the hope. We have so much hope for the life to come for Josiah.

International adoption, china, familyI’ve been reminded of the story of the shepherd that left the 99 and went back for the one. We have been doing a lot for one person lately. But isn’t
that’s just what the Good Shepherd would do for us? Focus in on us so we could get back to being with the 99?

He is good. He is a good, good Father and He loves us. He loves Josiah and has watched over and sustained him until we could get him here. I know He has to have great plans for this little guy’s life!

Josiah is in a different, better state physically than he was one month ago. We even saw him do a little hop step out on his little feet last night. He isn’t back to his pre-surgery strength, but he is making improvements each day. We don’t have a date set, but we are hoping to hear the word “discharged” by this weekend. Would you please pray that happens?

Thank you all for your continued prayers. We are so grateful to have others in our life that would love us through prayers.

With much love,

Josh, Eleshia, Josiah

Please join us in praying for this incredible family!