With Family, Anything Is Possible!

DSC_8924Watch Joey’s video. Password: 2givehope

Sweet Joey just turned 7 years old! Will you help us ensure that his next birthday is spent with his forever family?

Joey was placed in a special needs orphanage when he was just two years old. Sadly, this orphanage didn’t see the potential of this determined little boy. He was often left alone on a mattress to fend for himself. As a result of so little interaction, Joey was not taught how to walk or talk.

A few years ago, the Director of one of our partner homes visited Joey’s orphanage. Joey was alone, on the floor, but responding to her. He smiled at her and used his hands to communicate. She immediately knew that he had great potential!

The Director fought for Joey—she advocated for him to get the surgeries and therapies he needed to continue to heal. Joey underwent heart surgery in September and is now recovering from this. Joey is already improving tremendously and is now making sounds following the removal of his trachea tube.

Despite the trauma he has faced, Joey is now learning to walk on his own with a walker—he is truly amazing! He is soDSC_8925 persistent and soaked up all of the attention we gave him so he could work on improving his skills. We just know he’ll go far with the help of a family and dedicated physical therapist!

Watch this adorable boy in action! Password: 2givehope

Joey radiates joy. He’s always smiling and playful and he interacts well with his peers as well as older and younger children. Joey is incredibly determined and won’t give up until he communicates his wants and needs using hand gestures and eye contact.

Joey enjoys physical therapy and is very motivated to work hard. With adult support he loves painting, building with blocks, and clapping and moving to music. Joey is also incredibly curious—when AGCI visited, he was able to unlock Adoption Program Director Soojin Park’s iPhone and take photos! Like most 7-year-old boys, Joey also loved playing games on an iPad and throwing a ball back and forth.

Joey truly captures the hearts of all who meet him—he just needs a loving family to love and support him!

Could your family be Joey’s family? A special adoption grant may be available for the family who adopts sweet Joey!

To learn more about Joey, please call Jennifer Jacobs at 971-244-1457 or email jjacobs@allgodschildren.org today!