Waiting For A Family’s Love

UPDATE: We are so excited to share that Sophie has found her forever family! To learn about other children still waiting for their forever family, visit our international adoption photolistings.

Watch Sophie’s VIDEO. (password: 2Givehope)

13-year-old Sophie wants nothing more than to be loved by a family! After enduring a traumatic childhood, she was placed into a Colombian home in 2012. In spite of the emotional trauma of a childhood without parents, Sophie is healthy and thriving.

Sophie is a sweet, resilient girl and the orphanage staff has nothing but positive praise for her! A natural leader, Sophie loves volunteering in any way she can at the home and loves helping the younger kids. Sophie is well liked and loves art, baking, and playing soccer with her friends.

Today, Sophie is a very hard worker and excels at school, particularly in the subjects she finds most interesting: math, natural sciences, and computer sciences. However, initially Sophie struggled and was held back. Her file shared that this had nothing to do with her abilities; she’s very smart. Sophie struggled solely due to the distraction of not having a family—she was discouraged and stopped trying. Sophie needs the love and support of a family. She craves guidance and is so open to direction from authority figures. Sophie wants what every child her age wants: Parents who love her, are proud of her, and believe in her! We’re praying for this sweet girl’s dreams to come true!

One of Sophie’s greatest gifts is her compassion and ability to see the strengths of others—she wants to bring out the best in everyone she meets. While Sophie works hard to think positively about her future, she also struggles with insecurities about not having a family. She has expressed many times how much she wants a family she can trust that will love and support her. When asked, Sophie defined family as, “Family is a group of people living in the same house, that love and take care of each other.”

While Sophie’s greatest wish is to be welcomed into her own forever family, she already knows she’s a member of His family. Sophie self identifies as Catholic and prays to God every day, thanking Him for the gifts He’s already given her. We know God longs for this sweet girl to know the love of a forever family. Will you give Sophie the gift of family?

In late November, Sophie will turn 14 years old. Will you help us ensure that her next birthday is spent with the family she so desperately wishes to have?

Reach out to us today for more information on Sophie! Call Jennifer Jacobs at 971-244-1457 or Email jjacobs@allgodschildren.org today!