A Family For Meg

 UPDATE: We are so excited to share that Meg has found her forever family! To learn about other children still waiting for their forever family, visit our international adoption photolistings.

“I waited patiently for the Lord, He inclined to me and heard my cry.” Psalm 40:1

2-year-old Meg is what we like to call a “warrior princess.” Behind her big brown eyes and adorable curly hair, is a strong, brave girl who is wise behind her years! Meg has never known the love of a family. She has spent all of her life in an orphanage.

Meg is currently learning to walk on her own and has also learned to feed herself with a spoon! This also happens to be her favorite activity—eating! Like most toddlers, Meg loves mimicking her caregivers! Meg likes spending time with her caregivers and is always imitating everything she sees to get a little extra attention!

While she is shy around strangers, Meg will eventually warm up to you, you just may need to work for it! Meg loves making others laugh and has well developed motor and emotional skills. Meg is often smiling when her caregivers talk or sing to her.

Meg has a rare skin condition that causes painful blisters. While the institution is working to treat her symptoms, they lack the necessary medical technology to give Meg the treatment plan that she desperately needs. Meg needs a family to give her the love, support, and medical help she needs to thrive.

Meg’s doctor shared the following with us: “The thing I really like about her is that she seemed to be a wanted pregnancy and likely even got prenatal care. Her growth looks really good, her development and so do her facial features. This would decrease her chances of FASD. It seems that the only thing going on with her is her EB.” This is great news!

See Meg in action here. Password: hope4ever

Meg is a sweet, darling toddler who so deserves a family’s love! We know she has huge potential and that God has heard her cry and will find the right family for her! Grants and financial assistance are available to help bring Meg home!

Please contact Soojin at spark@allgodschildren.org or call at 971-244-1453 to learn more about Meg and adoption!