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“A friend loveth at all times, and a [sister] is born for adversity. Proverbs 17:17
Mafe (15), Sandra (13) and Vicky (11) are sweet, bright sisters who dream of the unconditional love of a family! Tragically, these amazing girls have spent the past 9 years living in an institution and are running out of time to experience the joy of growing up within a loving family.

Sadly, the system has failed these girls again and again—the youngest, Vicky, often worries about being separated from her older sisters as she knows they are running out of time to be adopted. We are heartbroken that she’s right—unless a family steps forward to adopt them, Mafe will age out of the system when she turns 16 in May. This means if these amazing sisters aren’t adopted soon, they will be separated and ineligible for adoption together.

In spite of everything they’ve been through, these sisters are bright, responsible girls filled with love and compassion!

Mafe is a very affectionate girl who loves to learn! She is an excellent student and hopes to study math in college and become an accountant. Mafe’s favorite things to do are spend the day at a museum, read, go to the movies, or play soccer, basketball or volleyball. This sweet girl is very social and has many friends! She gets along great with her teachers and caregivers and they shared with us that she is very perseverant and makes an effort to achieve her goals in everything she does.

Sandra loves to dance! She is very athletic and skilled at soccer and skating. Sandra’s goal is to study medicine when she grows up and she definitely has the aptitude to achieve this! Like her older sister, Sandra is a great student and very dedicated to her studies.

Like her big sisters, Vicky is an excellent student! Vicky loves spending time with younger children and dreams of becoming a teacher one day. When not in school, Vicky loves crafts, dancing, tennis, field trips, museums, walks, and visits to the park.
These sisters shared with us that their deepest desire is to stay together and be adopted by a loving family. Their dream is to have a mom and dad to love, protect, and support them, and older siblings to do homework with and play around together!

We know these sweet, smart sisters will thrive with a family of their own! Our prayer is that they will be able to spend the rest of their childhood in the forever family that they have wished for for so long!

See Mafe, Sandra, and Vicky share their dreams on video!

To learn more about Mafe, Sandra, and Vicky, please contact Soojin Park, at 971-244-1453 or

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