When Will Levi Have A Mommy and Daddy?

UPDATE: We are so excited to share that Levi has found his forever family! To learn about other children still waiting for their forever family, visit our international adoption photolistings.

“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9

If Levi is not adopted soon, he will never know the love of a forever family. Levi will age out of care in 15 months on his 14th birthday and then no longer be eligible for adoption. This tragic reality is made all the more difficult knowing that Levi was matched with a family—he was told he was going to be adopted and given pictures of the family. He was counting down the days until they could come get him. Unexpectedly, right before the family was set to bring Levi home, the intended adoptive father passed away. Now, Levi is still holding on to the hope that his family is coming to get him.

We know that God has big plans for Levi and that He has given this special boy hope for a reason! 12-year-old Levi is an absolute joy to everyone he meets. Many of our staff have met him and watched this boy grow up in the orphanage. They love him, as do many, who meet him or spend time with him. Levi has been in care since he was found abandoned at just 3 years old. If he is not adopted soon he will likely remain institutionalized for the rest of his life.

Levi loves puzzles, creating artwork, building Legos, playing basketball, drawing, swimming, and just hanging out with his friends. When we visited, he also created these amazing Sponge Bob pieces (pictured below). He shared with us that his favorite subject is writing and he can read and write basic Chinese. His attention to detail in writing characters was impressive.

Walking long distances can be tiring for Levi so he currently attends physical therapy to help strengthen his legs and is making great improvements! Levi is so motivated to succeed and takes advantage of every opportunity given to him. He knows the routine of his classroom and initiates his own therapy. We are so impressed by his persistence in accomplishing new skills and his focus and concentration. Levi’s positive attitude is so great to see—he’s always quick to smile and has an engaging personality and wonderful sense of humor!

Levi also gets along well with others and is described as friendly, excitable, and talkative—Levi’s caregivers only have positive things to say about him! He likes to help younger kids as well as his teachers at the class he attends at the orphanage. We watched Levi assist other children several times—he’s always sure to help without completing the task for them. Levi is very compassionate and is very attached to his friends and caregivers at the orphanage. We know he would thrive with siblings of his own!

Levi is a treasure and would be a blessing to any family! When we asked Levi if he would like to be adopted he responded with, “I want to have a mommy and daddy like my friends who have been adopted. I have seen pictures of how happy they are with their families. When will I have a mommy and daddy?”

We know that God has a family for Levi and we can’t wait to see all He “has prepared for those who love Him.” Let’s help find this amazing boy the loving family he deserves! To see Levi in action, view his video here. There is a generous donor that wants to ensure finances do not prevent a family from moving forward!

Please reach out to Carin at csherman@allgodschildren.org or (503) 327-7407 to learn more!