25 Years of Advocacy: These Siblings Have Waited Too Long

Guerrero sibs 1

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

Over the last 25 years we have advocated for children to find families—this is our heart and our passion and most importantly, our call. Annie, Mason, and Cameron deserve to know the love of their own forever family! Please pray and share so we can make their dream of family a reality!

Annie, Mason, and Cameron are sweet, loving kids waiting for a forever family! These affectionate siblings have been waiting for 4 years in Colombia for a family to call their own. In spite of their difficult beginnings, these siblings continue to have faith for “things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” We can’t wait to see what God has planned for them!

These siblings are incredibly bonded to each other and love to make each other laugh! They love playing siblings, adopt, waiting, Colombiatogether and are great at focusing on whatever task they are engaged in. We so enjoyed watching how cooperative and patient Annie, Mason and Cameron are with one another and we know they will thrive with a family’s love!

10-year-old Annie is a very loving and affectionate big sister! Annie and her two younger brothers have been at a private partner home in Colombia for 2 years. She shared with us that she wants to be adopted and wants to stay together with her brothers as family! Her love for her brothers is so clear!

Annie also loves swimming and is described as a kind, joyful, and helpful little girl! She is always the first one to step up to help in the home and she’s always quick to help the younger children in any way she can. Annie is in the 4th grade and her favorite subject is math. She enjoys school and is outgoing and talkative once she feels comfortable. Annie is currently working with a psychologist and social worker in a one-on-one program to improve her reading and writing skills and is making great progress. We know with extra support she has amazing potential!

DSC 91958-year-old Mason is an outgoing, active, and loving child! Mason is in the 2nd grade and is very interested in learning. While Mason is struggling with the abandonment of his parents, he is learning to trust the people around him and is working with a social worker to become more comfortable around strangers and confront his struggles with his abandonment. When Mason does open up, he enjoys sharing his story—he wants to be relatable and liked by his peers. After establishing a relationship of trust, Mason is much more motivated and more likely to follow the rules. We know the love, support, and security of a family will do amazing things for Mason!

6-year-old Cameron is an active and adventurous little boy! Cameron is in the 1st grade and his favorite color is green, the same as his big sister, Annie’s! Cameron loves putting together puzzles—he’ll spend hours assembling giant puzzles and making sure each piece is right! He is able to focus when given a task and does best with consistency. Cameron works best with a schedule and routine and does not like surprises—it’s best if Cameron can have a heads up before implementing any changes or activities. Although Cameron struggles some with schoolwork, we know he will thrive with extra support and love!

These sweet siblings deeply desire to stay together as a family. It’s so important that they are able to grow up together as brothers and sisters! We are currently seeking experienced parents for Annie, Mason, and Cameron, where they will be the youngest kids in the family.

To learn more about Annie, Mason, and Cameron, please reach out to Soojin at spark@allgodschildren.org or 971-244-1453.