Taiwan – Project Update

By Kate McDodson, Taiwan Case Manager

Yesterday the team really just focused on the home, we got there early and just worked through the whole day. The team is so dedicated and committed to making Promise of Life absolutely beautiful. They have spent hours painting and now even stenciling! Each time one of our Taiwan staff walk through the home they are in awe of the work, love, and effort that is put into each room. The team accomplished all my goals for the day and we are now even starting to paint rooms we did not expect we would have had time to do!

The team members have not only been putting their heart and soul into the work of creating this home, but they have been sealing messages, prayers, and hand prints in the paint. They are laying a foundation of love for the women that this home will bless. We have been talking a lot about foundation on this trip and we have been moved with the foundation that the Taiwan staff laid for us before we got here, of the foundation we are laying for the women of Taiwan, and truly the foundation of this program.

Today (since we accomplished so much yesterday) we took the morning to go to Starbucks – yes there is one in Taitung and it is exactly like any Starbucks from the states. We also went to the Taitung market where the Taiwan staff led us through the endless rows of meat, fish, vegetable, and fruit vendors. We were able to try sugar cane juice and coconut milk. We were given lots of fruit to try, including the “Buddha head” fruit which is native to Taitung and absolutely delicious (if you can figure out how to eat it). We were also able to meet Chen Shu Chu, one of TIME Magazine’s Most Influential People of 2010.

Work on the home continued today, we are really making progress and now are getting to the point that we just need the furniture to arrive! Pictures are coming!!

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers for this project – they are all so needed and welcomed. The women on this team are truly an amazing group of women and they have each played such a special role in our project!