Taiwan – Project Update 2

By Kate McDodson, Taiwan Case Manager

photo 1The paint is on the walls, the beds have shown up and were made, rooms have been arranged – this place is really starting to look like a home. I walked through the home today and was honestly in tears at how beautiful it all was. I have been so impressed with the team that is here. They have been such an honor and joy to work with – they worked tirelessly for days to complete this task. The Taiwan staff have all laughed and said how they wanted to move into the Promise of Life home.

With the bulk of the work done we decided to take a break this afternoon. Once everyone was armed with a cup of tea, we set out to do some shopping at the Aboriginal Cultural center as well as visiting Hsiaoyehliu – a beautiful rock formation on the coast. It was so fun to see the team relaxing together as we took in the ocean sitting together on rocks.

We enjoyed a cultural dinner this evening of traditional Amis tribal food. All the Taiwan staff joined, beyond the bacon wrapped corn on a stick we ate some deliciously prepared chicken, apparently it was made with champagne (they pulled out all the stops for us) some pork, fish, and of course hot pot. We all laughed as we stumbled to use our chop sticks and practice our Chinese words.

We ended the evening walking around down town and popping into shops. Everyone is still hoping to find the perfect souvenir. As we walked one of the Taiwan staff shared how important it is that we do not pray for God’s hands to do the work and guide us, but rather that we focus our prayers on seeing God’s face and heart – that is the only way we will feel as He does and know what to do. That thought, while so simple, resonated in our hearts and is telling for each of the team members  that come here to be part of this work and for the Taiwan staff that have committed their lives to living God’s heart in Taiwan.