Taiwan – Project Update 3

By Kate McDodson, Taiwan Case Manager


The house is done! We spent the morning doing the final touch ups and clean up. We got the furniture ordered for the main room, we have cushions ordered for the counseling room, and the curtains have been chosen!! This place really looks like a home! Again IĀ can’t say enough about how wonderful this group of women have been to work alongside of.We went to a Paiwan aboriginal restaurant today for lunch. The food was amazing!! It was very authentic food to the Paiwan tribe – my favorite was the sticky rice and pork wrapped and cooked in a banana leaf. After lunch we were able to go to a village and see more of life in Taiwan. It was interesting to hear from them about aborigine culture in Taiwan.When we arrived back at our hotel there was a Bunon tribal dance being performed. The dancers were dressed in traditional Bunon tribal clothing and sharing music and dance from their culture. Two of our team members were chosen to join the dancers; they provided much entertainment not only for the rest of the team watching, but for all the Taiwanese people who were crowded around to get a glimpse of the show.

This evening was night market!! We caught some fish, we shopped for things, and we ate! I think it is worth sharing that snails were tried…you have to suck them right out of the shell! Tomorrow we are going to give BBQ squid a try. After the market we wandered into a outdoor music festival with booths for local arts and crafts. We sat in the grass listening to the live music and tried to guess what they were saying!

Our devotion today talked about the preciousness of the life, that even before we are born we are known by God. That this work is important as we are reaching out and encouraging life. It is our prayer that the women that come to this home will feel the joy and love that went into making it home. That they will feel encouraged in the choice of life they have made.