Taiwan – Promise of Life

By Kate McDodson, Taiwan Case Manager

photo2On Monday we were able to be a part of the famous Lantern Festival in Ping Shi. It was one of the most BEAUTIFUL and remarkable experiences I have ever had. We let off lanterns for AGCI and Promise of Life and watched them float into the sky along with 1,000 other lanterns, it was so beautiful. The annual Lantern Festival in Taiwan is the second largest festival in the world, with over 100,000 people in Ping Shi enjoying the show!

The next day our team managed to stumble into Taitung during a festival that involved tons of fire crackers, loud music, and little Buddha that ride on people’s shoulders. I am sure we were right in the middle of a parade. The team does not believe me that Taitung is a quiet little town because yesterday was a string of traffic jams (because apparently they can let the fire crackers out anywhere at any time and mostly that happened to be in the middle of the street). There was a very loud and crowded gathering of people across the street from our hotel with food vendors, music and performances – quite a time to be in Taitung!

We have begun to get paint on the walls of our Promise of Life home! Some rooms are already waiting for their second coat. It is exciting to see color in the house and I think that everyone is anxious to get the walls finished and put the furniture in the rooms! We are having a great time and everyone seem to be enjoying the experience. We can’t wait to see the home come together as a beautiful, save haven for women in need.

More to come!