Forever Together: Selmawit & Negose

Selmawit2Selmawit is 24 years old and a recipient of an AGCI micro-grant. When she was still a teenager, her parents arranged a marriage for her to a man who had recently returned from the military. Sadly, he was HIV positive. He died shortly after they married, leaving Selmawit pregnant and alone. She gave birth to her son Negose, who is fortunately HIV-free.

For Selmawit and Negose, every day is a struggle. Selmawit has a certificate in sewing and designing tablecloths, bed sheets and other decorative pieces of fabric. She is now building her own business thanks to her micro-grant. Selmawit also attends school in the evenings, with the goal of learning to read and write. She is committed to keeping her family together, and with a little support from AGCI, Negose is able to grow up experiencing the love of his mother. AGCI recognizes that support for children begins with the love and security of a family. Our family preservation efforts allow widows and at-risk families like Selmawit’s to create income to support their children.

You can help other mothers like Selmawit keep their families together with a Gift of Hope. Learn how you can make a difference in our Forever Hopeful Giving Guide.