Forever Family: Amazing Lybbi

Lybbi was born with a severe heart disease. At 2 months old she was abandoned in front of a hospital in Xiamen, China. Her fragile condition required constant care, leaving her connected to an oxygen supply. While Lybbi has had multiple surgeries and remains critically ill, she is still a survivor.

AGCI knew that the best chance for Lybbi’s survival was to fly her to the U.S. as soon as possible, in the arms of her forever family and under the care of world-class specialists. With all approvals in place, the long journey home in her fragile condition would be the next challenge. Flying on oxygen is risky as oxygen levels typically drop in the air. Lybbi started with an oxygen level of 81%. At 32,000 feet and halfway home, her oxygen had risen to 91%!

She is now home with her family and while she faces challenges ahead to heal, God has brought her this far for a purpose. Her journey, her life and her smile today are truly a miracle!

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