Miracle Mission: Matt

“Oh that I might have my request, that God would grant what I hope for.” Job 6:8

We are praying for a family for Matt by August 7th! If Matt is not matched with a family soon, he will return to the shared list and AGCI will no longer be able to advocate for him. Please reach out to us if this little boy tugs on your heart!

Sweet Matt is a gentle and thoughtful child! 3-year-old Matt is an active little guy—he loves to crawl and can now walk with assistance! This adorable toddler can also go up and down stairs while holding onto a railing for support and has great balance—he can even balance on one foot!

Matt loves stories; he’s often found reading picture books and loves listening to music! Matt has Down syndrome and is also a great sleeper! This cutie loves playing with toys, particularly when they make sound. Matt loves to bang blocks together and has developed the fine motor skills to cover bottles with a cap and use his pincher fingers to pick up small objects. See Matt in action here: Video

Matt has a contagious smile and gets along great with his friends and caregivers. Matt is also excellent at expressing himself—he’s great at imitating words and expressing his needs. Matt is a very clever child; he’s very intuitive to the feelings of those around him and understands concepts such as “big” and “small.”

Matt has waited so long for “what [he] hopes for.” We know he will be a blessing to his family!

Matt is available for immediate placement. Families do not need to have a dossier completed to accept him. Approved families may also apply for the Special Treasures grant which will cover up to $5,000 in agency fees!

To learn more about Matt, please contact Carin Sherman at csherman@allgodschildren.org or 503-327-7407!