Hello from Colombia!

Soojin Park, our Colombia Program Director has been traveling in country and shares this update.

Trip2Just wanted to share my excitement about our Colombia program! Colombia is a mix of Bulgaria and China put together.  Fast, efficient, stable, and level of care for the children is just incredible!!!!!  Everyone in Colombia, from the government officials to the staff of the homes and of course our rep, Lucy are always on top of their games.

Best part of my trip has been meeting our precious Caleb and Jeff!! They are just darling!!! Both of the boys are shy, quite and have kind and gentle hearts!! They have expressed that they want a family. Jeff is 9 years old, but he’s like a baby. He loves to be cuddled and hugged. Jeff is super smart!! He was playing with my iphone and it locked. I punched in my password really quick not realizing he was paying attention. He figured it out and unlocked it himself later. I was very impressed. Smart little kid!! I kept on saying muey intelligente

Caleb is a normal 13 year old boy, who acts cool…..To him, it’s not cool to smile when taking photos. But we got him to smile a lot!! Checkout the photos. I have more on my camera. He is such a gentleman!! As you all know me by now….I had my heels on. While we were walking around, there was a mud puddle. He pointed to a side walk hidden behind a bush for me. OMG!! THIS KID!!!

They are great kids!!! Very shy, quite, timid, innocent kids who needs a family.

They had originally given me 1 hour to spend time with the boys, but I ended up spending 3 hours. So much to share when I get back!! It’s my mission and goal to find them a family!!!

Please continue to keep them in your prayers!! They are just precious. Amazing and incredible kids!!! So mature for their age when they should be out playing like a kid!!

Love these boys!!!


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  1. Hi Soojin,
    I would like to be included in update emails about waiting children. I couldn’t find your email address on this site and I believe I already filled out a pre-adoption information form quite some time ago but I can’t remember my password and userid! Would you please send me that information so I can see the information about waiting children? I don’t think our family is “finished”, but we’ll see what God has in mind.
    Many Thanks,
    Vanessa Ruda
    (Zdravko Ruda’s mom –Bulgaria 2011. Zdravko will be having his fourth surgery on May 29th. This one is for reconstruction of his nose. Please pray for him.)