HAITI UPDATE: Our Strong Team

muralMission Team Update by Meagan Richardson

Well day 3 was successful! Murals were painted ALL over the house (including the outside) for the children to get to enjoy. The women definitely were flourishing with their creativity today while painting an entire garden, a night time scene, and even polka dots on the outside of the home!  Along with the creative women, the men were determined individuals today while focusing on building a playhouse for the kids. They had help from a Haitian man who seemed to be very advanced in his craftsmen skills (although none of us would have known because we do not speak fluent Creole). All in all, the kids are going to enjoy and love every bit of the finished product!

From the several days spent in Haiti, I have realized that a different sense will be felt each and every day. Whether it was waiting for our driver to arrive or waiting for cement to dry for the foundation of a playhouse, the one emotion that was felt today was patience. It seemed as if everywhere you turned, someone’s patience was being tested. It was as if God “placed” us in the specific situation he did today just to make us realize the opportunities we truly did have, no matter how frustrating or enduring they may have seemed.

As we sat around for our debriefing/devotion time tonight, it was evident that we are blessed with a strong team. Now strong can be used in many different ways, but this team has the strength that can be defined in any way. They have the physical strength to make it through an exhausting day. They have the mental strength to be optimistic even if a situation doesn’t go as planned. But most importantly, they have the spiritual strength to believe that they were placed on this trip for a specific, meaningful reason. The church members, adoptive father, and all of the AGCI staff are so entirely helpful in everything we do. I don’t think a better team could have been placed together.

Every day makes me look forward to the next. It makes me look forward to the smiles on everyone’s faces and the successful projects that are being constructed, the lessons that will be learned and the bonds that will be shared. Haiti is beautiful in every way possible and keeps flourishing as the trip progresses!