Haiti Team Arrives!

2hWe have all arrived!

After a busy day of two airport trips to pick up three different groups of 17 people and 32 bags of donations we all made it to the guest house.

Tuesday was our first day of work, we had planned to start building a playhouse for the kids but all our supplies hadn’t quite arrived yet so we changed our plans and tackled some other projects. The men and the power tools headed to the other home to take apart some beds so we could move them and repair and build some storage shelves. The women stayed behind and split up into two different groups. Some began working on the enormous job of organizing and painting while others jumped into doing crafts with the kids.

The job mostly involved  pulling things off the storage shelves, cleaning and painting everything and today we will tackle putting everything back on the shelves in a organized manner, Labeling the shelves, getting rid of the things that are not needed and making room for the donations that we have brought.

We were also able to paint some beds and shelves to bring more color and life to the home. Today we will continue to cover the unfinished wood with bright fresh paint and even hopefully start some murals.

3hAnd the most special part of the day was playing with the children! They loved the crafts that we brought – especially the paint!  I am always amazed by how much they enjoy just drawing with crayons, they would find pictures in books and try to trace and draw it. They loved the stickers, several little girls just COVERED themselves with stickers but the best part was the parachute! The team from GA brought a big colorful parachute and the kids loved it, their laughter and smiles were the best part of the day.

5hI am so excited to be here with this team and to tackle another day, our prayers are that we are forever changed by this place and these kids! Thank you for all your support and prayers.