Haiti: Return Trip

By Mary Aultman Hurley, Mission Team Participant

d3Being sent to Laboule 15 after two years of being away from Haiti was quite exciting. I truly couldn’t imagine the empty house filled with laughing and crying… and oh, the smells. Walking through the doors and seeing healthy Haitian babies, and lots of them, brought me back to two years ago when many of those babies were malnourished and only twenty were able to be cared for at Rachel’s original home for children.  The only way to describe the drastic change in circumstances is to say that God is good.

Which brings me to a specific room in 15; the storage room. To describe the storage room two years ago, I would tell someone it was bare, with maybe a few boxes cereal, some medicine, and some diapers, and whole lot of room left. I specifically remember standing in that room with my mother praying to God to make “fishes and loaves” of what was in this room. Well, God did it and as I believe God has a love for flare and theatrics, he did it well. I’m talking an hour to clear the room out and a stack of diapers as tall as the average man, kind of done well. Ask and ye shall receive, right?

storage2We spent the day painting the shelves in the storage room to give it a fresh and most importantly, clean look to the room. It took us a while to work on it as I think the four day drag was really getting to us. However, we got it all done and it looks great and we got to love on some beautiful Haitian babies.  Tomorrow, the team gets a break from picking up the kids, but not the work, while we head up to Mountain Top Missions and “just work”, as Willem said…. Wish us luck.

Haiti is more awesome than I remember. It has a special place in my heart as well as these children. Despite the excessive paint fumes, sore arms, and dirty feet, it is SO awesome to be here for a second time. I look at the kid’s faces when we arrive and when they see the new murals on their walls, I am able to say to myself, “this is why you came back.”

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  1. Thanks for the update. Seeing through your eyes helps me understand what and where you are.