Gracie Is Waiting For Her Forever Family!

UPDATE: We are so excited to share that Gracie has found her forever family! To learn about other children still waiting for their forever family, visit our international adoption photolistings.

We fell in love with sweet 3-year-old Gracie the moment we met her in Colombia! Gracie is a loving, affectionate toddler and is very bonded to her caregivers. Gracie is a curious child— the moment we met her she was instantly interested in who we were and what we were doing. Gracie keeps an eye on everything going on around her with an attentive curiosity. She pays close attention to her favorite caregivers and smiles in response to their attention.

We loved spending time with Gracie at her orphanage. Gracie loves attention and playing games! She tries so hard to learn new things and even learned to do a fist bump during our time together. It was adorable!

Gracie’s caregivers describe her as affectionate and calm. She loves receiving hugs, and she’ll giggle with glee when someone plays the tickle game with her. She adapts to change well, especially with the support and encouragement of a familiar caregiver.

Gracie was diagnosed with Spastic Diplegia and has benefitted greatly from her current routine of physical and occupational therapy. She can walk with the assistance of an adult holding her hands, and she works hard to move around her environment and reach objects she wants. Gracie is also making good progress through speech and occupational therapy which she receives for language and other developmental delays. She can now say a few words and we believe she’ll continue to improve with additional support. She enjoys her therapy and works hard in everything that she tries—we love her resilient spirit!

Gracie is a determined, caring child who wants to press through obstacles and develop to her full potential. She is a true fighter and we can’t wait to see what’s possible for her with the love and support of a family!

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