A $3K Adoption Grant Is Available!


“And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.” Colossians 3:14

Siblings Julian (13), Jonah (11), Joy (9), and Jaxon (6) want nothing more than to grow up together in a loving forever family! These bright, loving siblings are currently separated and living in different foster families. Julian, Jonah, Joy, and Jaxon are very close and have overcome so much together. The separation is difficult for them and it’s our prayer that they’ll soon be reunited and experience the love of a forever family!

Oldest brother Julian (13) is a bright, thoughtful boy! Julian is motivated to earn good grades and does very well in school. He is in the 5th grade and like most boys his age, loves soccer and playing with his friends!

Jonah (11) is a calm, cheerful kid! Jonah is very bonded to his older brother and just like Julian; Jonah is an excellent student and is doing incredibly well in the 5th grade. This sweet, spontaneous boy also loves basketball and playing games. He also has a sweet spot for fried chicken—so do we!

Sweet Joy (9) is a kind, social butterfly! Joy makes friends easily—especially with other girls because “boys are sometimes annoying!”  She loves painting, singing, and dancing and dreams of becoming a pediatrician someday. Like her brothers, Joy does very well in school and has earned excellent grades particularly in math. Joy is in the 3rd grade and is organized, does her homework, and has positive relationships with her peers and teachers.

Little Jaxon (6) is the baby of the family! Jaxon is in the 1st grade and is a great student! This sweet boy is very obedient to his foster parents and keeps his room tidy! Like his sister, Jaxon is a social kid and loves playing with his friends!

As bright and caring as these sweet siblings are, we have no doubt that it will be an incredible blessing for all when they are united with a forever family.

The family adopting Julian, Jonah, Joy, and Jaxon may be eligible for our need-based AGCI adoption grant, which can assist a family in up to $3,000 toward adoption fees

Reach out to us at waitingchildren@allgodschildren.org to request more information about these amazing siblings.